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There comes a point in the evolution of your web business when you need the help of experienced Internet marketing specialists. Whether it's putting together a blueprint to start your website or giving you the final push to beat out your competitors, Dotted Online offers consulting in a variety of Internet marketing disciplines :

  • Keyword Research
  • Pay-Per-Click Strategies
  • General SEO Strategies
  • Link Development
  • Structuring a Site
  • Search Penalties and Filters

We have run and consulted on campaigns that ranged from a few hundred dollars a month to millions. We've worked with small e-commerce sites to Fortune 500 companies. Our experience in the industry is vast and we provide results. If you're tired of cookie cutter consulting services or weeding through outdated information on the web, you are someone who needs a few hours of our time.

We provide the following services :

Site Audit
If you have a site that isn't meeting your expectations and you don't know why, a site audit will provide you with answers. We'll take an in-depth look at your site, industry, and competitors to give you a comprehensive breakdown. Like a mechanic looking under the hood, we'll diagnose the problems and provide you with a solution. The site audit comes complete with status reports, detailed evaluation, and 2 hours of phone consultation. Price: $3000
Phone Consulting
Pick our brains on any of our specialties. We'll hold nothing back and provide you with in-depth, expert analysis. Price: $300/hour
Project Work
Need help with keyword research? Help setting up or managing a PPC campaign? Maybe even some quality link development? We'll do the dirty work for you on a per job basis. Price: $300/hour (custom solutions available)
In-House Training
Some things are better said in person and our in-house training will provide hands on education. Whether it's one person or a team of web guys, we'll provide the materials and curriculum to ensure they get the most out of the time. Training can be customized for your needs. Price: Starting at $3000/day (plus travel expenses)

Please contact us for more information or to receive a price quote.

News & Updates
February 01, 2008
Opening of new Chicago office in Bucktown.
October 31, 2006
George Kepnick to speak at WebmasterWorlds Pubcon Las Vegas .
April 01, 2006
Two brains collide and form DottedOnline, LLC
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